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Hi there. I'm Charlie.

I build websites and try to make the web a better place.

I've got principles oozing out of my eyeballs.

  • Putting people before code.
  • Replacing Capitalism with something kinder.
  • Choosing simple solutions before technological masturbation.
  • Building robust sites before jumping at fragile frameworks.
  • Using tech for the greater good.
  • Telling Facebook to fuck off.

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2019.08.21, 10:08

A headline Guardian article by @philipoltermann says that the German law granting UK citizens permanent residence after no-deal has been passed. Does anyone have more info on it? I'd heard it was proposed, but have not seen anything else.

Survival tips for women in tech

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2019.08.19, 23:08

Due to debts and a bad employer the first 18 months in Berlin I had a net income of zero. I was living off bread and cheese while watching colleagues buy new Apple Watches and expensive lunches.

2019.08.19, 18:08

2019.08.19, 18:08

2019.08.19, 17:08

Frank Chimero Β· The Web’s Grain

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Accessibility and web performance are not features, they’re the baseline | CSS-Tricks

we must start to see inaccessible and slow websites for what they are: a form of cruelty.

This article by is absolutely beautiful and well worth 3 minutes of your time to read.

any sufficiently advanced negligence is indistinguishable from malice.

One to remember, akin to "intent is not magic". The only thing that matters is how the end user is impacted.

Accessibility and web performance are not features, they’re the baseline.

But this is the key takeaway, I feel. I've long argued that accessibility, performance, and robustness are akin to the Basic Expectations in the UX and Product world's Kano Model. If the basic expectations of a product are not met then anything you try to build on top of that is doomed to failure.

We need a Kano Model for how we develop websites. This article makes that argument beautifully.

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2019.08.19, 15:08

Do people have recommendations for English-speaking and Berlin-based companies that offer web accessibility training from a trainer with disabilities? Similarly, any recommendations for companies that handle the liaising with disabled users for testing? #a11y #berlin

2019.08.19, 13:08

2019.08.19, 13:08

2019.08.19, 09:08

2019.08.19, 08:08

2019.08.19, 08:08

2019.08.19, 08:08

2019.08.19, 08:08

2019.08.19, 08:08

2019.08.19, 07:08

2019.08.18, 23:08

I always speculate about who in any given group will go Nazi when it tries to emerge fully once more. So this piece from 1941 is a fascinating read.

Via @chineloonwualu.

Understanding Success Criterion 6.1.1: Give a Shit


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'Plastic recycling is a myth': what really happens to your rubbish? | Environment | The Guardian

You drink a Coca-Cola, throw the bottle into the recycling, put the bins out on collection day and forget about it. But it doesn’t disappear. Everything you own will one day become the property of this, the waste industry, a Β£250bn global enterprise determined to extract every last penny of value from what remains.

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2019.08.17, 14:08

Sorry to all if I'm not myself of late and prone to melodrama. Mental health giving me a kicking right now.

2019.08.17, 00:08

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