I'll keep using console.log until I die


Hi there. I'm Charlie.

I build websites and try to make the web a better place.

Unfortunately for my career I've got a bad case of The Principles, which makes just being an everyday web developer a bit of a problem.

I try to get around this by speaking at conferences and pretending I know far more than I do.

I espouse:

  • Putting people before code.
  • Replacing Capitalism with something kinder.
  • Choosing simple solutions before technological masturbation.
  • The benefits of long walks on the beach.
  • Building robust sites before jumping at fragile frameworks.
  • Using tech for the greater good.
  • The need to remind everyone and their dog that Facebook is fundamentally evil.

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On all that fuckery

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2020.05.29, 13:25

For those just tuning in: a bunch of white cops arresting a black journalist as he's reporting on live TV.

2020.05.29, 13:13

2020.05.27, 17:35

2020.05.26, 12:19

2020.05.26, 09:36

2020.05.25, 11:08

telnet pine mutt usenet winsock majordomo

VOIP Flashcards (by @tom_armitage)

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2019.12.20, 16:40

Damn I should be looking at Twitter occasionally. Thank you @LauraKalbag for this mention earlier this month!

2019.12.20, 16:06

2019.12.03, 11:10

Friends at @OtherNatureShop, Berlin's most fantastic feminist, trans friendly, queer friendly, BPoC friendly sex store, are looking for someone to freelance help with their ecommerce site. Interested? https://gist.github.com/sonniesedge/a25ec4182bba7e198a8e7bd6c35ab759

2019.11.27, 07:04

2019.11.26, 09:05

It's hard to believe that the @wearewebclerks conference was the first one ever by the organisers. It was slick, welcoming, friendly, and interesting. Thanks for asking me to speak! ♥️ #webclerks

2019.10.13, 11:08

2019.10.13, 10:59

2019.10.12, 21:48

Lost my voice. Amazing.

2019.10.12, 21:42

Can we please style the <select> control?

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Alexei Leonov, first human to walk in space, dies aged 85 | Science | The Guardian


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2019.10.12, 11:35

2019.10.12, 11:27

Have fully broken myself after these last few weeks. Well, last few months. Currently lying on the sofa emitting fluids and sounds from my face pipes. I think both my mind and body need a hard reboot.

How (Not) to Build a Button | Ben Myers

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2019.10.10, 12:43

2019.10.10, 10:51

A day of accessibility talks! For free! Today! Online! Exclamation marks!

2019.10.10, 09:52

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