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We are building toilets with world-class plumbing that people can't then sit on. And the people who know how to fix the toilets have no clue how to fit a toilet into our plumbing.

Laura is amazing and and funny and I am so glad that she has wrote this.

In elevating frontend to the land of Serious Code we have not just made things incredibly over-engineered but we have also set fire to all the ladders that we used to get up here in the first place.

I can't agree more with her. We have taken the green and verdant and fun and WEIRD web and paved over it with Serious Stuff, with mathematics, and computer science degrees, and logic.

I love React because it lets me do my best work faster and more easily. I hate React because the culture around it more than the library itself actively prevents other people from doing their best work.

THIS. Stone cold, hard agreement.

I love React as a server-side rendering language. I ADORE being able to bundle a component, and the CSS, and any client JS together, rather than having it distributed all over an app. But the recent desire for the web to be seen as a Serious Industry, with Logical Minds, people who do Important Stuff just.. makes me sick with despair.

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