I'll keep using console.log until I die

Hi there. I'm Charlie.

I build websites and try to make the web a better place.

I've unfortunately got a bad case of The Principles, which makes just being an everyday web developer a bit of a problem.

  • Putting people before code.
  • Replacing Capitalism with something kinder.
  • Choosing simple solutions before technological masturbation.
  • Building robust sites before jumping at fragile frameworks.
  • Using tech for the greater good.
  • Telling Facebook to fuck off.

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head is locked

Why you won't ever see new HTML elements in the <head>.

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2019.09.15, 20:55

2019.09.15, 20:52

Maybe I'll finally get some stability in my life. Those of you who have it, pleae appreciate it.

2019.09.15, 20:33

Despite all the shit going on with Brexit it's actually starting to feel like I'll get to stay here. The overwhelming fear of loss of my residency rights has largely disappeared, especially now the Bundestag want to enact laws to protect us.

2019.09.15, 20:13

Walking the streets home from a hangover-curing meal I feel such an overwhelming visceral LOVE for Berlin, this town that has somehow become my home. I never thought I'd last more than a couple of years, and yet now I'm thinking of making a life here.

When Grids Go Wrong: Debugging CSS Grid

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2019.09.15, 15:24

2019.09.13, 21:42

Inside Kickstarter’s year of turmoilβ€”and a union effort that could be a first for the tech industry.

Kickstarter could be the first tech company to unionize. @kickstarter's management have responded by COINCIDENTALLY firing union organisers. πŸ€”

Excellent reporting by @aprilaser.

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2019.09.13, 21:16

2019.09.13, 17:52

5G Will Definitely Make the Web Slower, Maybe | Filament Group, Inc.

5G just might make web performance worse, not better, for the average person.


... historically, faster network speed has enabled developers to deliver more code to usersβ€”in particular, more JavaScript code.

Go on...

On the average devices still in use today, 200kb of JavaScript (compressed for transfer) can take 6 or more seconds to parseβ€”and that’s after the time it takes to download the code over the network.

The average device is not the brand new thousand-dollar iPhone with 3 lenses for taking photographs. The average device even in the US is the sort of device that you see on the Amazon Best Sellers, which can run about $130.

So, the availability of faster networks will likely lead to developers sending more imperative code down the wire to devices that can't handle it.

Nice work, devs.

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Remove Richard Stallman - Selam G. - Medium

Why do we ponder the low enrollment of female and minority graduate students at MIT with one hand and endorse shitty men in science with the other? Not only endorse them β€” we invite them to our campus where they will brush shoulders with those same female and minority students.

Why do we excuse people simply because they are β€œgeniuses”?

This. This sums up everything.

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2019.09.12, 20:57

2019.09.12, 18:25

Got out of Poland and back to Berlin. There's undercuts everywhere and queers holding hands and and and I love this town. β™₯οΈπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©

Berlin Lichtenberg


Poznan station

Escaping Poland while gay.

Wroclaw train station

Bye bye Wroclaw. We're off to be gay in Berlin. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©

The main concourse of a train station.

2019.09.11, 21:43

2019.09.11, 21:01

After 48 hours in Poland I am VERY FUCKING BORED of not being able to be gay.

Kontynuacja bar

Beer. Very Mikeller...

Two beers on a trestle table.


Feels like it should be a tourist trap. But it's very quiet and still. β™₯️

A drink on a table at an attractive outdoors cafe.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Catholic as fuck.

The moodily lit interior of a gothic Catholic church

Museum of Natural History Wroclaw

Amazing little collection of preserved animals and skeletons.

A head on view of a whale skeleton in a large lit room.

2019.09.11, 11:38

BTW, if there are any PoC or other under represented groups out there who want to speak at #Webclerks, their CFP is still open and they would love to hear from you!


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