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According to Shopify 20% of people in India and Brazil (enormous markets!) are requesting that pages send reduced amounts of data down the pipe, via the save-data header.

We should all be respecting this when the user asks for it.

If you're working HTML-first and progressively enhancing then honouring this by not delivering JavaScript bundles and unnecessary assets should be an easy enough matter.

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According to Shopify 20% of people in India and Brazil (enormous markets) are requesting that pages reduce the amount of data they send, via the save-data request header. Great article by @tkadlec!


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How the hell are you getting all these replies on here, Charlie?

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Maurice Walshe

Probably something their phone is automatically setting

2019/08/30, 09:54, CET

Ted Stresen-Reuter

Is this header part of a published standard? Seems interesting but wondering just how much, and what, can be jettisoned.

2019/08/30, 10:36, CET

Christian Schaefer

We don't listen to that header on, because anyone can/will set it, but we do check the connection speed via network information API and disable all ads when it is too slow.

2019/08/31, 06:55, CET

Tom Robertshaw

That’s a nice feature. Remember that network speed isn’t an indication of high transfer costs though.

2019/08/31, 07:01, CET