A small side project to log where I go.

It's not everywhere: just those places that seem interesting.

Berlin Lichtenberg


Poznan station

Escaping Poland while gay.

Wroclaw train station

Bye bye Wroclaw. We're off to be gay in Berlin. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©

The main concourse of a train station.

Kontynuacja bar

Beer. Very Mikeller...

Two beers on a trestle table.


Feels like it should be a tourist trap. But it's very quiet and still. β™₯️

A drink on a table at an attractive outdoors cafe.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Catholic as fuck.

The moodily lit interior of a gothic Catholic church

Museum of Natural History Wroclaw

Amazing little collection of preserved animals and skeletons.

A head on view of a whale skeleton in a large lit room.

Polish Lody

Excellent ice cream.

A scoop of ice cream in a cone.

Hala Targowa

The sunlight interior of a concrete market hall.


Lovely little cafe. Definitely the first wave of gentrification in this end of Wroclaw.

A plate of scrambled eggs on toast.

Coffee Planet

The only queer cafe/bar in Wroclaw. Amazed that the religious Nazis haven't tried to burn it down.

Milkshake and a salad on a table, with some kink art jusssst visible.

Pod Latarniami

Cheese is More

Cheese restaurant. Fucking yes.

The author sitting in front of a sign saying that she only prays for cheesus.


Fancy pants breakfast food.

4hops Cycling Pub

Amazing bike porn interior. β™₯️

A brick-walled venue with bicycles and bicycle posters on the walls.

Targnova bar

I've come to a very vegan place while wearing a leather jacket.

Witold Peletzki Monument

Monument to a man who deliberately entered Auschwitz as a prisoner in order to record the conditions there.

The description of how the hero entered Auschwitz and smuggled out information. A giant wedding ring made of stone and set at a low angle into the ground.

Charlotte's Cafe

Named after me. Natch.

A red haired woman (the author) stands in front of a cafe sign saying Charlotte.

Wroclaw station

In Wroclaw! It's very Polish!


A truck stop in the middle of a wasteland.

A grey Soviet concrete landscape with a few trucks and a train line.

Berlin Ostbahnhoft

Off to Poland. Minimal gaying.

Landesamt fΓΌr BΓΌrger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten - Fahrerlaubnisse, Personen- und GΓΌterbefΓΆrderung

I can feel the meat of my body rotting.

Dyke March