2019.08.05, 15:08

Do any of you tech folk ever think about just quitting tech altogether? Opening a bakery, or retraining as a park ranger? I'd love to look after a forest for a living. There would be a far lower chance of a guy being in the forest and starting an argument due to his insecurities.


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Yes something with perhaps a more tangible impact on quality of life for people and animals.

2019/08/05, 13:55, CET

evanson wachira

Becoming a mechanic/machinist

2019/08/05, 14:40, CET

Kate Sowles (she/her)

I maintain that my "retirement" plan is to run a coffee shop or a farm.

2019/08/05, 15:27, CET

Ivan De Marino

ALL THE TIME If cooking well at scale wasn't hard, I would have most likely opened a little eatery, open only at lunch time, with no menu but what I fancy cooking that day, and the food would be heavenly. I would call it "Pappa". And there would be no space for jerks.

2019/08/05, 15:32, CET

My Hero Devon

Yup. But I'm also closing in on mid-life crisis so that's probably what's doing it.

2019/08/05, 15:47, CET

Steve Lee

Yup. cacti nursery for me

2019/08/05, 15:50, CET

Gabi.dev ;): - 503 - maintenance mode 🛠

I almost did. I wanted to do cocktail mixing!

2019/08/05, 16:29, CET


It's a running joke here. We open up cabinporn.com and dream of escaping to a simple life. But seriously, getting healthy outdoor/creative hobbies helped me a lot. Its easy to fall out of love with tech if you don't have something wholesome to balance it with

2019/08/05, 16:34, CET

Jeffrey “crypto means hidden” Paul

yes but being poor is terrible and foolish

2019/08/05, 16:46, CET


If I had a dollar for every time I said I was buying a one way plane ticket to Greenland to live my life as an isolated sheep herder...

2019/08/05, 16:47, CET

Monica Lent

YES. Most recently on safari, it would be so exciting to be a safari guide except I'd have to learn how to shoot a rifle 🤔

2019/08/05, 17:05, CET


I enjoy the essence of what I do. I wish that I had the economic freedom to do it in a greater variety of places. I'd also have to persuade businesses/charities/institutions that they even wanted my skills at all.

2019/08/05, 17:43, CET

Rob Jones 🇪🇺

I think about this every day. The only thing stopping me jacking it in and doing something else is that I have a mortgage to pay.

2019/08/05, 18:09, CET

Alex Hardy

I do still enjoy the work, but yes.

2019/08/05, 18:28, CET

Qais Patankar

You've been playing too much Firewatch.

2019/08/05, 18:42, CET

Branden Miller

All the time. I have gone so far as to go thru selection for KY Wildlife Resource Officer. Unfortunately, the pay cut is too steep.

2019/08/05, 19:17, CET

Phil Collins

Yes, this industry is miserable and full of pricks but now I have a huge mortgage so hey ho.

2019/08/05, 19:33, CET

Myke Van Dyke

I volunteer as a firefighter. Very yin to the IT yang.

2019/08/05, 19:52, CET

Robbie Ferguson

This is my view right now. The key to anything is balance. Escape now and again. Get away from it for a few days as regularly as you can. This is how I keep sane in a fast-paced, busy tech job, and how I can still say I love my career.

2019/08/05, 20:04, CET

Judy ★ Hitler

I quit IT 10 years ago and am now a professional mountain biker. Glad I don’t have to work with IT aresholes anymore. 🤔

2019/08/05, 20:19, CET

AdVaNcEdPeRsIStEnTtReAt 🍰

I did, and then 6 years later meandered back in as a PM entirely by accident 😏

2019/08/05, 20:28, CET

Steven Hoober

Yeah, but I know that the connected world and bureaucracy is everywhere so e.g. park ranger is a lot of paperwork and stupid policy so why bother with the change?

2019/08/05, 21:17, CET

Prem Rose

Remote work and freelancing allow a degree of freedom and let you be anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection. I moved to the Portuguese countryside some time ago and haven't looked back. Living with nature is a precious counterbalance for working with tech.

2019/08/05, 21:21, CET

M Hem

I would love to give it all up and run an animal sanctuary

2019/08/05, 21:28, CET

Andy Esser

I do occasionally think I should Jack it all in. Move to a small farm further in the welsh countryside with no internet and no phone and have a much more enjoyable life

2019/08/05, 21:34, CET

Roberta Dombrowski

Dreaming of becoming a meditation teacher someday and leaving it all behind 🧘🏽‍♀️

2019/08/05, 21:43, CET

Jake Servaty

Ironically, my father-in-law (who sold his tech company recently) said that if he could go back he'd be a park ranger.

2019/08/05, 21:58, CET

Ted Kusio

I'd wanna be an artist if some kind, something solitary like a painter, composer, or novelist. Or maybe a carpenter, making wood jokes to my lathe... Sadly, I bet there'd still be insecure doofuses vomiting in my fantasy. :/

2019/08/05, 22:10, CET


Yea, me and a female colleague are thinking about starting an alpaca farm together.

2019/08/05, 22:26, CET

Clare Hegg

YES! I go through at least four moments a week where I think, “I could have been a ((insert literally anything else here)).” I recently researched the years/cost to retrain to become a doctor, only to realise that’s a lot of time/money— only for there to be assholes there, too.

2019/08/05, 22:32, CET


Every day. Part of me wants to go back to school for wildlife biology or become a restraunt owner.

2019/08/05, 23:03, CET

Emi Ning

Super cliche. Books and coffee for introverts - a cafe full of cosy pods for peeps to tune out the world. And trap doors. And escape hatches.

2019/08/05, 23:23, CET

Lock Down Your Life

The park ranger one definitely. I even applied.

2019/08/05, 23:29, CET

Cat Ashton Ryan

One of our clients had a business partner that went off to bake bread in his back yard.. he now runs a successful village bakery near Cambridge.

2019/08/05, 23:40, CET

Ian Pride

This assumes every tech does it for $. Been a tech well over 20 years and haven't made $ doing it for 10. I love to code for fun. I love to help people who can barely afford the internet to fix their computers.

2019/08/06, 00:02, CET

Jeff Solin

It’s not technically “altogether” but I quit industry as a software engineer to become a HS computer science teacher, lost 70% of my pay in the move, have been teaching for 18 years now, and have never looked back with even an iota of regret.

2019/08/06, 00:18, CET

Frank M. Taylor

Guy here. I often dream of retiring as a woodworker, building furniture for a living. For the same reasons. Make you a deal: you look after the forest. I'll cut down a tree to make furniture, you help me plant two. By the time we're dead we've got a legacy. Deal?

2019/08/06, 00:22, CET


Have thought of it many times. I just don’t want to start at the bottom again

2019/08/06, 00:36, CET

Ryan Beegel

Tech will be my way to make enough money so I can retire and buy a big piece of land for rescue dogs!

2019/08/06, 00:59, CET

Sam Caldwell

I think about it every day. I would go back to metal fabrication or welding. Working in an industry where whiny bullshit isn’t tolerated and the thing that matters is your ability to work and get shit done.

2019/08/06, 01:01, CET

Michael Vezzani

I'm in the middle of this right now. My dream is impractical, but I'd like to have a small farm with an on-site store where I'm able to sell both fresh produce as well as sourdough baked goods. And there would be a small part of the store dedicated to selling carpentry projects.

2019/08/06, 01:29, CET


Still trying to figure out how...when I took a few months off, it was magical not to deal with imposter syndrome every day all the time.

2019/08/06, 01:40, CET

Will D.

I bought a farm and started raising sheep with my wife. ( I still have to do tech to pay the bills )

2019/08/06, 01:44, CET

Alex Svanevik

Middle-ground: occasional remote contracting while living in a lower cost location. Spend 80% of your time doing whatever you want.

2019/08/06, 02:00, CET


I dream, DREAM of buying an old monastery in Nazareth, Kentucky with all my friends, and opening a fromagerie called "Cheeses of Nazareth." Peace Brie With You.

2019/08/06, 02:13, CET

Luke J.

No. I genuinely can’t see myself loving anything more than this.

2019/08/06, 02:26, CET

David Crandall

Every night after I get home, eat, deal with my kids, then sit down for a breather and hate myself for not spending more time 'staying current'.

2019/08/06, 02:43, CET


Yah. High school friend of mine left IT, so far as I know, to run a coffee shop. I have no idea why and we've lost contact with each other.

2019/08/06, 02:53, CET

Stacy Sniegowski

Have definitely had the park ranger moment more than once. Also, tour guide or back to working at a greenhouse...

2019/08/06, 03:19, CET

Kate Dameron

I left a “creative lifestyle” to get into tech recently and there is nothing romantic about trying to make a living that way. I’m looking forward to having the means to endulge in my creative ideas without worrying about the bills.

2019/08/06, 03:23, CET

rob nolen

If I could afford it I’d go teach flying

2019/08/06, 03:45, CET


I'd be fixing bicycles 🚵🏻‍♂️

2019/08/06, 04:05, CET


Every. Fucking. Day.

2019/08/06, 04:32, CET

Andrea Tappe

FWIW, a former boss used to volunteer as a ski patrol. You’ll never guess what 90% of her job was.... that said, he wasn’t in a forest, so...

2019/08/06, 04:56, CET

Chris Carr

Watch out for the lumberjacks tho 😄

2019/08/06, 04:56, CET

Robert Horvick

A mechanic. And a decent welder. Living somewhere rural. Just keeping cars and trucks running so people can live their lives, and hiking thru the mountains on the weekends. Wish I hadn't realized that at 42 instead of 22.

2019/08/06, 05:39, CET

Gyle ❄ Down Under

Yes. I sometimes think of becoming a guide dog trainer, helping pups navigate around rooms, buildings and public spaces, and seeing them graduate into a guide dog.

2019/08/06, 05:57, CET

Dale Henry Geist

I wanted to. And in fact I got out of the video game business. But I started a family and the only thing I could do that paid enough was web work.

2019/08/06, 06:16, CET

Midori Kocak

I am 35 years old and I am quitting tech for MFA, because of mobbing, disxrimination and toxic masculinity.

2019/08/06, 06:31, CET

Tommy Edwin

Rock ‘n’ roll 24/7 since I retired from academic hell. No looking back 😎🎸🎼💘

2019/08/06, 06:34, CET

Kris 💾

my pipe dream is to move to a coastal town in Italy and open a coffee shop

2019/08/06, 07:01, CET

Shauna O'Meara

Wow, you just summarized most veterinarians I know as well. Bakery and park ranger also! What is it about those two jobs in particular, I wonder?

2019/08/06, 07:02, CET

Angel Velazquez

Definitely a fighter pilot when I was younger. But my astigmatism discouraged me. I look at the bright side of what I do. I don't work for someone else and have independence. More importantly, I do it to see the results I achieve for my clients.

2019/08/06, 07:12, CET

Mike Taulty []-)

Yes. Most days and twice on Sundays 🙂

2019/08/06, 07:20, CET


Being a dog walker sounds like a great alternative often

2019/08/06, 07:31, CET


Using technogy as an art vehicle. Whether it's interactive sculptures or custom electro acoustics, or computerized synesthetics it would be using the things I know to bring joy and wonder to people

2019/08/06, 08:04, CET

Mark Coleran

Quit and went wwoofing. Best thing I ever did.

2019/08/06, 08:18, CET

Sebastian Tenezill

As I'm reading throu this thread I have to say no, I work in tech for 13 years now and I wouldn't want it any other way. The next best thing is probably running a graveyard (not kidding). I think the most important thing is to learn to say no. A lot of ppl are taking wor home /1

2019/08/06, 08:24, CET

Graham Smith

By the time you'd all done it you'd be looking after one tree each and be arguing about the network effects of seeding mechanisms and how to achieve interoperability between species.

2019/08/06, 08:35, CET


Yes. Tempted to go plants trees in some reforestation project instead.

2019/08/06, 08:38, CET

Matt 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈

I’d trade all this in a heartbeat to run a cafe or a bar in Sweden or something. I can’t get excited by it anymore; the only thing going for it is the lifestyle it keeps me in.

2019/08/06, 08:43, CET


Yes, every single day. It was one of the reasons I left a super expensive big city where rent is astronomical and moved far away where living costs are cheaper. I miss the city a lot, but I've learnt that by giving up some things, you get more freedom elsewhere.

2019/08/06, 09:04, CET


Not personally, but one of my first managers left defence engineering to be a park ranger. They say it wasn't me that caused her to leave ;)

2019/08/06, 09:12, CET

Dave Poole

Thought of this many times. I enjoy building things that are useful. When that coincides with tech I'm happy. When its some bullshit brainfart madquerading as a "Tactical Solution" not so much. Too many brainfarts in my life

2019/08/06, 09:44, CET

Troy Raines

I wanted to do science. However I realized the pay sucked.

2019/08/06, 09:53, CET

Morgan L

I want to repair and restore typewriters and fountain pens (and make new ones too)

2019/08/06, 09:56, CET


I love UX Design, I truly believe it's what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. But if somebody came along with a flower shop for sale, I'd be very hard-pressed to turn that down.

2019/08/06, 10:13, CET


What is stopping you?

2019/08/06, 10:21, CET


Yes, I would love to work for an NGO or non-profit.

2019/08/06, 10:23, CET

Jonathan Danforth

Only constantly. Photographer, woodworker, chocolatier, luthier... anything to get me away from the stupid computer for 8-10 hours a day.

2019/08/06, 10:35, CET

Lasse Rafn

I think you underestimate the insecurities of park-going dudebros 😬

2019/08/06, 10:53, CET

Chloe Diamond

I watched Office Space just yesterday which is basically about this exact issue

2019/08/06, 11:00, CET

on error resume next

I hardly know someone who didn't regularly consider that...

2019/08/06, 11:07, CET

Vincent D. Warmerdam

there are middle roads. i don't think i would quit it cold turkey, but i have been in a state of "plainly not taking it that serious anymore" for a while and it seems to have made me both more productive and more happy.

2019/08/06, 11:22, CET

Colin McMillen

My (much older) cousin was a park ranger when he was young. My understanding is that this involved eating a lot of wild goose (among other things)

2019/08/06, 11:27, CET

Haddock Branzini

If dog walking paid my same hourly rate I'd quit now. I am not kidding.

2019/08/06, 11:34, CET

Bill King™

I think about this daily

2019/08/06, 11:37, CET

Daryn St. Pierre

Yes. For me it’s either make pizzas or work with animals in some fashion. I’ll be honest, the tech industry gives me anxiety.

2019/08/06, 11:38, CET

Stewart Robinson

I was at the Black Country museum yesterday and desperately wanted to work there. Back at it today and still wondering about coal and making “real things”

2019/08/06, 12:05, CET


I really kind of want to be an NHL mascot. The costume should be warm and I can skate. Oh, and unlike IT, I’d be nearly universally loved and feel like I was accomplishing something.

2019/08/06, 12:08, CET


Not really... I have some creepy stories of weirdos in the forest

2019/08/06, 12:11, CET

Betty Andrews

It always seems to drag me back in

2019/08/06, 12:35, CET

Lucas Moten

Every damn day. I joke about being a hot dog vendor, or any food vendor, which offers daily closeouts, immediate satisfaction of a job well done. People respect those handling their food sometimes

2019/08/06, 12:42, CET

Renée. ∫𝒻(🎻+💃+🗡️)d𝘵

Yes. IT/tech is a toxic dumpster fire that's paying me far too well to be able to leave. I'd love to get out into music performance, but it's seriously underpaid and undervalued in today's capitalist society.

2019/08/06, 12:47, CET

Sheldon Bahora

Every single day. The problem for me is I have no idea what I would do if I could, and don’t have any skills as developed.

2019/08/06, 19:09, CET

Glen Chiacchieri

I quit tech to become a therapist so I could work more directly on human happiness. Here's the story of how that happened: glench.com/WhyIQuitTechAn…

2019/08/06, 20:47, CET

Greg 'Grg' Chumbawumbadingdong

In stereotypical fashion, if I left tech, I would try to open my own meadery and blacksmith shop. Maybe throw in a woodworking shop as well so I can make my own casks.

2019/08/06, 20:48, CET

DaedraSec Not @ Summer camp

yes i’d like to retire tomorrow and become

2019/08/06, 21:31, CET

Jeremy Handel(abra)

I’ve always wanted to start a pizza place.

2019/08/06, 21:41, CET

Anne Cooper RN FQNI

Yes! Opening a deli coffee bar would be my dream!

2019/08/06, 21:53, CET

Ben Rudolph

Only about -- oh, I dunno -- 5 times a day or so? I *love* my job and Microsoft, but I do often think about what it would be like to just bail and live off the grid.

2019/08/06, 22:06, CET

Danielle Leong

I started my own photography side business to keep my sanity instagram.com/danielleleongp…

2019/08/06, 22:14, CET

Michael Vaughn

I have the "I want to be a park ranger" thought at least once a month.

2019/08/06, 22:14, CET

TonyVT SkarredGhost

That's cool! I have also an idea for making AR-augmented food. Kids will love it and eat all the broccoli!

2019/08/06, 22:23, CET

Mike Fraser

No. Started my working life doing labour jobs outside. Trust me the grass is greener until you're standing outside for 10 hrs in -5(f) freezing rain/snow stacking lumber, tying rebar, moving sacks of Portland cement,etc.. My chair and monitor suit me just fine thanks.

2019/08/06, 22:44, CET

Kirk Bowman

Just escaped and LOVE it.

2019/08/06, 23:00, CET

Deb Schleede

Almost daily I dream of finding a quiet, picturesque location and opening a homemade ice cream shop with plenty of rocking chairs.

2019/08/06, 23:24, CET

قاسم الياس

I do occasionally. I think about being as chef as I really do enjoy cooking when I do it.

2019/08/06, 23:25, CET

Radio McRadioface [SIGINT]

I quit infosec, now I just complain about it. Still in tech, just not security. Cant stomach Layer 8 anymore, it was slowly killing me.

2019/08/06, 23:53, CET


Been there done that made shirts but a little piece of me died in side so I went back to tech. ( My short escape was and is a coffee truck )

2019/08/06, 23:57, CET

polly pwnage

Daily. I’d love to burn my computers and my phones and live like it’s the 80s but those sweet dollar bills I crave

2019/08/07, 00:19, CET


You should see the arguments guys get into on how to best start the camp fire.

2019/08/07, 00:37, CET

Allan White

All the time. Then I remember my mortgage.

2019/08/07, 01:12, CET

Kat Kavanagh

Started a citizen science nonprofit @water_rangers. Still do freelance on the side to support it.... Rewarding but the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Do it!

2019/08/07, 01:22, CET



2019/08/07, 01:37, CET


Thought of becoming a barista. Saw implicit hiring discrimination (Canada). Tech is the best place to be anyway. Just don't work full-time for somebody else, as you have a life to live. More programmers should demand part-time work as the norm.

2019/08/07, 01:40, CET

Fred Maurer

I haven't given up the dream... pro ball, rock star, hippy cult leader.

2019/08/07, 02:01, CET


I never thought of quiting, but I do get tired of having my talents allocated to making people above my paygrade richer. Plus it really aggravates the hell outta me seeing profit induced inefficiencies being implemented in tech and IT practices.

2019/08/07, 02:43, CET

PJ Stephen

Mine is construction. I can’t walk past a construction site with a bunch of bros eating their lunch of having coffee outside & not yearn for it momentarily...

2019/08/07, 02:44, CET


Organic veggie farmer using tech and permaculture techniques to create a self sustaining ecosystem of production with near zero waste (in terms of garbage).

2019/08/07, 02:59, CET

Yotsuba is back

All the time. Cutting up my credit cards and going into the woods

2019/08/07, 03:28, CET

Eric Fialkowski

In college I worked at a game (RPGs) store and at a (rc/models/games/trains) hobby store. I miss those simpler days.

2019/08/07, 03:42, CET

Scott Beach

Pigmy goats seem like a solid option. Especially the ones in pajamas.

2019/08/07, 03:48, CET

A-a-ron Horn 🎗

Seriously thought about being a cop for a bit, but holy cow do they get paid 💩. 😳

2019/08/07, 03:58, CET

flying crane

I was just telling a friend yesterday that my dream would be to run a cafe-bookshop-florist. What a life that would be. (I'm assuming in my perfect life it would be a viable business.)

2019/08/07, 04:28, CET

Joanna F Zhang

I quit one time and went to a pretty woo massage school for a year. Kept an MT job for ~6 months after. It was awesome for weight loss/mental health, but there is nothing like burning out in a manually laborious job to remind you how cushy it is to just sit and use your brain 👌

2019/08/07, 04:30, CET

Randy Thio

I’d do it just for the forest critters. 🐾

2019/08/07, 04:33, CET

Jacob Kostecki

A friend of mine did this - from Google to park ranger.

2019/08/07, 04:38, CET

Steve Fuller

I always wanted to to run deckchairs and donkeys on a beach in the Summer :-)

2019/08/07, 04:43, CET


All the damn time. Problem is, my meatcage is messed up enough I’m not sure what else I’d do.

2019/08/07, 04:55, CET


I quit my corporate IT job to teach STEM programs to preschoolers because I was sick of being the only girl in the room.

2019/08/07, 05:17, CET

Stephen Thorne, SRE

I sometimes fantasise about trading the complexity I know for complexity I don't, in the hope it will be better. But then I go back to work. This is fine.

2019/08/07, 05:29, CET

Mr Havoc techie Voiding warranties since 1990

If being a light house keeper paid just as well. No clients no forgotten passwords

2019/08/07, 06:21, CET

Dave Lee

Im not a dev, more of an infra "jack of several trades" but I think about quitting and doing something else all the time. The grass isn't always greener though!

2019/08/07, 07:05, CET


Fed up of having to justify my professional opinion to normies. So much so that I find I’m asking myself if, just perhaps, I’m the one that’s wrong. Would drop it and change in an instant - think I’m actually starting to despise my career now

2019/08/07, 07:17, CET


ALL the time. I'd do something simpler, maybe outside. Gardening work or something. Up sticks to a Greek island and fish.

2019/08/07, 07:29, CET

John Appleby

I If you need your dreams ruining, don’t worry, a man can come to the forest and mansplain you how to use a chainsaw for forestry management.

2019/08/07, 10:25, CET


I’m in mobility and seriously considering a total change atm. Not because of what you wrote but just like murky old attitudes, compromises galore, lack of vision, and I have no trust for the leadership. Would rather do something happier and faster.

2019/08/07, 10:39, CET


Yeah its a sign your in the wrong job. A previous manager made burger flipper a tempting option.

2019/08/07, 10:41, CET

Tracy Frayne 🇿🇦

Definitely! I wanna do something with plants... that park ranger idea sounds great.

2019/08/07, 10:48, CET

Michalis Kamprianis

Yeap... more and more lately

2019/08/07, 11:20, CET

ken kosmobat, GREM, CASP, CEH, ETC

Luddite. There was a time when I was seriously considering the opposite of tech, (after a complete tech refresh done on a spur of the moment) and becoming a park ranger. I had the quals, but it would have been a 50% cut in pay. Instead I quit and went to a not insane company.

2019/08/07, 11:21, CET

Lola 🌜

Yes. But due to disability, I can't really do any of the stuff I'd like.

2019/08/07, 11:27, CET

Susan Hood

I have been on a break for a year after 25 years in tech (ux) and I’m surprised to find I don’t miss it at all. The meetings were destroying my brain. (Too bad because for the first 10-15 years I loved my work. In the end, Agile did me in.)

2019/08/07, 11:50, CET

Evil Laben

Totally agree Reaver, for me when I worked In Test and told people things were broke & we should delay & fix before release only for Marketing Normos to say oh no I’m sure it’ll be fine, the bosses support them & only when it goes bad does anyone care

2019/08/07, 12:02, CET

Lydia Hall

The last couple of days I’ve actually been daydreaming of opening some sort of whimsical tea room/cafe

2019/08/07, 13:35, CET

robert bird

Everyday this feeling is getting stronger. Park ranger life would be sick.

2019/08/07, 13:45, CET

Russ Page

I started a hobby making ice cream. Everyone bakes. Instagram.com/RussAndCones

2019/08/07, 14:30, CET


I have one right now who tells me "Yes, I will order some new equipment as requested" I even went as far as speccing something he -wanted- and something that'd do the job for half the price. And behind my back he's asking his staff to search around for old shit to reuse - sigh

2019/08/07, 16:56, CET

Katie Riley

I’ve literally written “become a park ranger” on my list of imaginary future goals 🌲

2019/08/07, 17:13, CET


Thinking about opening my own tree service company.

2019/08/07, 18:26, CET

Craig Stewart

I work in ops, when I work out what I want to do for a living I'll be right on it. In the mean time tech pays well and some people think I'm quite good at it so ....

2019/08/07, 18:41, CET

Katie Giraulo

I think about the park ranger thing ALL the time

2019/08/07, 20:00, CET


Open a (motor)bikers bar. Great sound, good beer, excellent Scotch and Whiskey.

2019/08/08, 00:16, CET


Totally willing to pull a Tom Cruise Cocktail and end up on a beach in some tropical place serving cocktails to tourists....if the pay was there of course.

2019/08/08, 02:36, CET

Laura Montgomery 🇮🇪🇪🇺

Tell me about it. My problem is, I don't know how to do anything else

2019/08/08, 11:28, CET

Nasia Makrygianni

I've thought of becoming a baker, a chef, a sommelier or just go back home and take care of the olive trees and the grapes. Too many options which confuse me a lot and I end up not being able to decide and therefore not quitting. It's a loop!

2019/08/08, 15:56, CET

Eric Bednarz

I thought about becoming a bike courier, but that would be too serious a cut on the kilometrage that I can afford now.

2019/08/09, 21:22, CET

James R Grinter

At least one person I know *has* opened a bakery! Cc @pdcawley

2019/08/11, 14:19, CET

Jose Maria Garcia

Becoming a hipster photographer

2019/08/13, 14:30, CET