Journal entry for Sun, 10/06/2019 - 00:37

It's been an exhausting week. A weeks traveling for conferences is bad enough, but add on illness and it becomes laborious.

Spent the Friday traveling from Berlin to Amsterdam with what quickly became an outrageous hallucinatory fever. 6 hours of that, trapped on a train. The only positive outcome was that no-one wanted to sit next to a sweating, gibbering, and shivering English-woman, so I had a seat free next to me on an otherwise packed train.

Saturday was spent at Indieweb Camp Amsterdam. As always, this event was absolutely fantastic. I got to participate in discussions on owning your own photos, accessibility and the Indieweb, moderating your digital diet, enabling privacy on the Indieweb, and how to own your own calendaring. I met some IWC regulars and some fresh new faces. Hello to you all!

Sunday was spent compensating for Friday and working on my talk for Fronteers, so I didn't get to participate in the second day of Indieweb Camp, much to my disappointment - I'd really wanted to do some work on the interface for my site archives, showing a frequency graph for each month. Ack, egal. Soon! From those that did attend I head it was fantastic.

Monday I got the chance to attend the View Source Conference. While many conferences have managed to create diverse lineups I have never seen such a wonderfully diverse speaker lineup AND group of attendees as at View Source. There was absolutely none of the low-level beta machismo and capitalist-apologism that you normally see at these events. It was a place of co-operation and talking. All props to Ali Spivak and the crew who put the event together.

Wednesday I had the pleasure of giving the opening talk at Fronteers. I still wasn't better from a week of asthma, so thank you to all who tolerated me coughing through the talk. I was so close to collapsing that you wouldn't believe. Kids: don't give talks while ill - that's just stupid. But I think the talk set the tone for the event, and it tied in beautifully with the talks by Jeremy & Remy, and later by Alex Russell.

I'd heard amazing things about Fronteers Conf for years, but had never had the chance to attend. Actually being there in person was a pleasure. The venue was incredible - an old multi-level theatre converted into a cinema. It feels like you're in the 1880s, and I was fully expecting flickering limelight to kick in when the house lights dimmed. Once again, there was a varied and diverse lineup of speakers, and I am so grateful to Fronteers for making the effort for an inclusive lineup. It is getting boring to see confs that are made up of just white people, and normally dominated by men under 40. I'm glad some are taking the time to change that!

All in all this week has been amazing. It is always so inspiring to be around others who love the web itself, and are enthusiastic about its potential.

I need weeks like this to remind me why I work in this industry. ❤️