Shortform notes. Suitable for sticking onto that Twitter.

2019.10.12, 21:48

Lost my voice. Amazing.

2019.10.12, 11:27

Have fully broken myself after these last few weeks. Well, last few months. Currently lying on the sofa emitting fluids and sounds from my face pipes. I think both my mind and body need a hard reboot.

2019.10.09, 08:29

Still chuckling at die EndnutzerleistungsentwicklerprioritΓ€tenwahnvorstellung.

2019.10.05, 18:46

Thanks @FronteersConf for allowing me to clearly label my refrigerator at last. πŸ‘ #FronteersConf

A ginger woman sat in front of a fridge. It has the name Charlie Owen on it in black letters. She's looking very smug.

2019.10.05, 17:21

Just brained an elderly German man with a bag. By way of an apology I managed to say, in the informal case, "all your hairs taste lovely".

2019.10.05, 10:45

Back with The Germans. Jack Wolfskin levels are nearing critical, and angry claiming of seats with scarves and coats has already begun.

2019.10.04, 22:44

#IndiewebCamp, #Fronteers and #ViewSource week over. I overcame exhaustion and severe asthma to deliver an opening talk at a huge international conference. I wish I could show this BADASS lady to sickly and anxious 15 year old Charlie. β™₯️

The author, a red haired woman in red trousers and baggy black shirt.

2019.10.04, 16:48

I feel a spicy talk coming from @slightlylate. #fronteers

The mobile web: MIA.

2019.10.04, 16:09

@mandy_kerr and her amazing space trousers are making me excited for variable fonts. So many more design possibilities! #fronteers

A dog filled silly design.

2019.10.04, 14:45

@anjanavakil reminds me that I have absolutely no knowledge of lamdba calculus or, in fact, any desire to ever learn it, and, even more so, only the desire to flee in terror at the very mention of the name. #fronteers

A slide showing some lamdba calculus.

2019.10.04, 11:33

@rakshesha is genuinely blowing my mind about the links between tripping and machine learning.

A complex slide of brain and machine learning data.

2019.10.03, 19:43

It's #Foxtober. Why aren't you using Firefox? Seriously, why not? It's not run by a giant corporation. It's got a cool community. It promotes browser diversity. [taps foot, irritably]

2019.10.03, 16:50

Genuinely looking forward to this talk by @adactio and @rem so much. #fronteers

A slide announcing the talk: how we built the www in 5 days

2019.10.03, 14:58

@StephenCookDev is committing severe CSS abuse live on stage and I ruddy love it. Super Mario Kart in CSS! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #fronteers

A screenshot from the Super Mario Kart game.

2019.10.03, 12:40

Managed to get through a talk while on the verge of collapsing. This evening is some hardcore relaxing and enjoying the rare treat of having access to a bathtub. πŸ›€

2019.10.03, 12:03

Loving the passion for CSS from @eva_trostlos. CSS rocks, you fuckers! #FronteersConf

Eva on stage under a slide proclaiming her love for CSS.

2019.10.03, 10:17

Having my tiny mind blown by Professor @hj_chen at #Fronteers.

Chen Hui Jing on stage in front of a screen full of equations

2019.10.02, 04:38

I keep forgetting that I have adult asthma. Someone pointed out that the venue I've been in used smoke machines CONSTANTLY. Dug out my medication and I can breathe. Thank fuck. But now I've taken steroids and my resting heart rate is 100+ and it's 4am and I haven't slept yet. 😭

2019.10.01, 17:38

Trying to get better, because I want so much to speak at @FronteersConf! I have delightfully angry things to tell you about constraints!

2019.10.01, 17:06

A conference week where I've been intermittently ill. Yay. Just missed most of the second day of #ViewSourceConf after having to return to my hotel room to pass out. Could illness happen at work? No, life would obviously veto that. I can only be sick when I'm enjoying myself.

2019.09.30, 16:10

I don't think I've ever been as happy attending an event as being at #ViewSourceConf. A diverse set of speakers, a wonderfully varied crowd, everyone happy, optimistic, and co-operative. Zero competitive energy. β™₯️

2019.09.28, 19:35

As always in the Netherlands I am happily amazed at being short for a woman. Have stood in groups of lasses where I've had to tip toe to see things.

2019.09.28, 18:47

British people in Amsterdam: You really are obnoxious cunts.

Europeans: I'm so fucking sorry.

2019.09.28, 10:01

Yesterday I got on the train to Amsterdam. Immediately felt ill. Turned into huge fever and delirious awfulness. 6 hours on that train, then a fever journey getting to hotel. Passed out at 5pm last night and woke at 8am this morning. But my god I feel better. Death to 24h bugs!

2019.09.26, 18:32

Jesus fucking christ, which idiot decided to try and rewrite a talk the day before heading off to a conf? This tit, obvs.