2019.07.29, 12:07

Only in Germany could someone tell you off for using a short version of your name. "The list has your name as Charlotte! How am I supposed to find you if you're calling yourself Charlie?!!" I didn't write the list, m8. So I'm gonna keep smiling & saying danke until you piss off.


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Alex Dally MacFarlane

god, really? I guess if I ever get an academic job there, getting that deed poll needs to be bumped up the priority list

2019/07/29, 11:00, CET


German exasperation is the best: "I can't do my job because of a minor issue and that's TERRIBLE."

2019/07/29, 11:03, CET

Tom Tinkerson

A support team member of a (rather big) hosting company once refrained from giving support, since β€žThomasβ€œ, not β€žTomβ€œ was on record. No matter that I had all other credentials including password and postal address. 1/

2019/07/29, 11:05, CET

΀ΗΙ ΞšΞ‘Ξ›Ξ›Ξ™Ξ£Ξ€Ξ—Ξ™

you also should make it easier for Germans to identify the name based on phonetics, so better spell it "Scharlet"

2019/07/29, 11:05, CET

Tom Tinkerson

the same hosting company allowed a client to order package upgrades by telephone, in a reseller contract were this client had nothing besides the knowledge of the domain name, which git billed towards our account. 2/2.

2019/07/29, 11:07, CET

Erica ☠️✨

Germans are VERY particular, I usually get along with it well because I'm also pretty particular, but this is just silly.

2019/07/29, 11:37, CET

Derek Lumb

Frequently in Germany I check into hotels where they have 'corrected' the spelling of my surname to Lump...

2019/07/29, 11:38, CET

Derek Lumb

Ha! Yes - try asking a different waiter to 'your' waiter in a restaurant for something, always a 'joy'

2019/07/29, 11:39, CET

Charlie Don't Surf

I would LOVE to be living a life where these things are important enough to be upset over.

2019/07/29, 12:18, CET

Charlie Don't Surf

I am seriously thinking of changing my name legally. Several times officious Germanity has bit me over "Charlie".

2019/07/29, 12:19, CET


(Also, "Charlotte"? New information.)

2019/07/29, 12:26, CET