2019.08.13, 17:08

Every single new person that I've met in the last month has assumed that I'm from the Netherlands, Denmark, or Sweden. I embrace my newfound Dutch and Scando nature. My I revel in their bicycle lanes, good architecture, and huge oil reserves.


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How the hell are you getting all these replies on here, Charlie?

Ah, sweet summer child. It's time to send your own Webmention!


Marcus Herrmann

From a Germans point of view: The Dutch's, Swedish's and Dane's English is so accent-free and top notch that you actually start to confuse them with Brits. And vice versa. Signed, A citizen of we-dub-everything-but-invent-own-english-words country

2019/08/13, 15:40, CET

Bianca Kastl

I once was in France and a lady from Britain assumed from my poorly spelled french that I'm from Manchester. Mon dieu 🤔

2019/08/14, 09:05, CET