Shortform notes. Suitable for sticking onto that Twitter.

2019.09.20, 12:03

All my love to every single bloody person - especially kids and teens - on the #climatestrike today. ♥️

2019.09.17, 09:41

I see all the shaven-headed and goatee-inflicted tech boys are out defending the noted paedophile Richard Stallman.

2019.09.16, 19:01

I've really gotta stop threatening to hurt people during my talks.

2019.09.15, 20:52

Maybe I'll finally get some stability in my life. Those of you who have it, pleae appreciate it.

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2019.09.15, 20:33

Despite all the shit going on with Brexit it's actually starting to feel like I'll get to stay here. The overwhelming fear of loss of my residency rights has largely disappeared, especially now the Bundestag want to enact laws to protect us.

2019.09.15, 20:13

Walking the streets home from a hangover-curing meal I feel such an overwhelming visceral LOVE for Berlin, this town that has somehow become my home. I never thought I'd last more than a couple of years, and yet now I'm thinking of making a life here.

2019.09.12, 18:25

Got out of Poland and back to Berlin. There's undercuts everywhere and queers holding hands and and and I love this town. ♥️🏳️‍🌈👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

2019.09.11, 21:01

After 48 hours in Poland I am VERY FUCKING BORED of not being able to be gay.

2019.09.11, 11:38

BTW, if there are any PoC or other under represented groups out there who want to speak at #Webclerks, their CFP is still open and they would love to hear from you!

2019.09.10, 10:33

Trying to match Poland's homophobia with the giant cock drawn on my coffee by an agressively heterosexual barista.

A homophobic sign saying "Wroclaw against gay sex" in Polish.A cup of coffee with what looks like a giant cock in foam art.

2019.08.28, 23:04

It's amazing what you see the famous guys in tech favouriting, and retweeting. It's also amazing to see what the same ones are not interacting with and not talking about in any way whatsoever. Pure amazing, it is lads. Pure amazing. Makes us down the heap feel proper safe.

2019.08.28, 17:29

"Here at [awful-sounding Berlin startup], we like to use the space shuttle as a metaphor for our engineering work." Mate, the space shuttle exploded. Twice.

2019.08.26, 20:34

Is now a good time, or a really, really, bad time, to post my inflammatory "I fucking hate React and Facebook and everything that enables them"?

2019.08.26, 19:15

Infinite love to the checkout lady who upon seeing that my shopping cost €6.66 looked me dead in the eye and whispered "Satan".

2019.08.26, 15:38

Fact-check time: Am I right in thinking there is no React Code of Conduct? I can't find one easily if there is. Github says there isn't one in the main public repo.

2019.08.25, 23:27

Made a site for my partner as she sat watching Gentleman Jack again. ❤️ #gentlemanjack

2019.08.21, 10:08

A headline Guardian article by @philipoltermann says that the German law granting UK citizens permanent residence after no-deal has been passed. Does anyone have more info on it? I'd heard it was proposed, but have not seen anything else.

2019.08.19, 15:08

Do people have recommendations for English-speaking and Berlin-based companies that offer web accessibility training from a trainer with disabilities? Similarly, any recommendations for companies that handle the liaising with disabled users for testing? #a11y #berlin

2019.08.18, 23:08

I always speculate about who in any given group will go Nazi when it tries to emerge fully once more. So this piece from 1941 is a fascinating read.

Via @chineloonwualu.

2019.08.17, 14:08

Sorry to all if I'm not myself of late and prone to melodrama. Mental health giving me a kicking right now.

2019.08.17, 00:08

When you've spent most of your life just trying to exist your very presence here and now is an incredibly beautiful achievement.

2019.08.16, 10:08

To help my ADHD I disable all retweets on Twitter. Someone in the blue nazi-enabling bird has decided that this is not good for engagement and turned them all back on for me. #a11y

2019.08.15, 21:08

The @Guardian, supposedly the most liberal mainstream UK newspaper, has trans employees quitting for fear that their basic human rights will fail to be upheld. By @patrickstrud.

2019.08.15, 13:08

I've also had to give up my British driving license, which feels like a weird permanent step towards staying in Germany.

2019.08.15, 12:08

It was worth the 4 hours of my life queuing in a bleak office, being shouted at by state workers. 🎉

A German driving license in the authors name.