Shortform notes. Suitable for sticking onto that Twitter.

2019.08.19, 15:08

Do people have recommendations for English-speaking and Berlin-based companies that offer web accessibility training from a trainer with disabilities? Similarly, any recommendations for companies that handle the liaising with disabled users for testing? #a11y #berlin

2019.08.18, 23:08

I always speculate about who in any given group will go Nazi when it tries to emerge fully once more. So this piece from 1941 is a fascinating read.

Via @chineloonwualu.

2019.08.17, 14:08

Sorry to all if I'm not myself of late and prone to melodrama. Mental health giving me a kicking right now.

2019.08.17, 00:08

When you've spent most of your life just trying to exist your very presence here and now is an incredibly beautiful achievement.

2019.08.16, 10:08

To help my ADHD I disable all retweets on Twitter. Someone in the blue nazi-enabling bird has decided that this is not good for engagement and turned them all back on for me. #a11y

2019.08.15, 21:08

The @Guardian, supposedly the most liberal mainstream UK newspaper, has trans employees quitting for fear that their basic human rights will fail to be upheld. By @patrickstrud.

2019.08.15, 13:08

I've also had to give up my British driving license, which feels like a weird permanent step towards staying in Germany.

2019.08.15, 12:08

It was worth the 4 hours of my life queuing in a bleak office, being shouted at by state workers. πŸŽ‰

A German driving license in the authors name.

2019.08.14, 15:08

I came out of our cellar to find my 70 year old neighbour hanging fully out of her window, three meters above the ground. She was supported by only a hand around the frame and a well braced foot. She assures me that it's all okay, she used to be in a circus.

2019.08.14, 11:08

My regular prescription swings at random between 5 and 15 euros whenever I pick it up (always from the same Apotheke). Germany experts, do you know of a reason?

2019.08.13, 22:08

I found a German copy of @teleject's CSS Cookbook in the street, to which my good lady girlfriend said "maybe this will be the thing that lets you finally learn the fucking language." I think she's excited for me!

A print copy of CSS Kochbuch, lying on a table

2019.08.13, 17:08

Every single new person that I've met in the last month has assumed that I'm from the Netherlands, Denmark, or Sweden. I embrace my newfound Dutch and Scando nature. My I revel in their bicycle lanes, good architecture, and huge oil reserves.

2019.08.12, 12:08


  • 2 to 4 talks
  • Local
  • Cost: €0


  • 6 to 8 talks (maybe more available, but you can't attend all unless you're The Doctor)
  • Environmental damage from travel
  • Cost: €100 to €2000
  • A little party bag

Is there a case for conferences over meetups?

2019.08.12, 10:08

Free branded bras in all conference swag bags! But unisex bras (obviously!) so no one feels excluded. #innovation #equality #equalist

2019.08.07, 18:08

"Make a difference" they said. "Go into management". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

2019.08.05, 15:08

Do any of you tech folk ever think about just quitting tech altogether? Opening a bakery, or retraining as a park ranger? I'd love to look after a forest for a living. There would be a far lower chance of a guy being in the forest and starting an argument due to his insecurities.

2019.08.03, 17:08

Syndications are working again on my site. The bottom of every page (like this one!) should have info about where it's shared to. #indieweb


2019.08.02, 16:08

Does any other Brit in Berlin feel weird saying "Ciao!"? I just can't do it - it makes me feel like a 1990s winebar-dwelling yuppie. I end up saying "Tschüß!" and sounding like a grandma.

2019.08.01, 21:08

The woman wandering around this supermarket wearing socks with her own face on them... well, she has my complete and total respect. β™₯️

2019.08.01, 12:08

Shock collars, but for men who just start disagreeing with things for their own shits and giggles

2019.07.31, 21:07

Finally got #webmentions working again on my site. So if you go to, say, my latest post, you'll see all the like and repost count, and all the replies it has received. It's looking a bit ropy, but small steps for now. #indieweb

2019.07.31, 19:07

Wish I could have been at #AEADC. So may good messages coming out of that event! One day I'll make it.

2019.07.29, 17:07

One of the advertised advantages of my Elevated State of Queerness is meant to be a lack of PMS. But no. *screams at random strangers*

2019.07.29, 12:07

Only in Germany could someone tell you off for using a short version of your name. "The list has your name as Charlotte! How am I supposed to find you if you're calling yourself Charlie?!!" I didn't write the list, m8. So I'm gonna keep smiling & saying danke until you piss off.

2019.07.29, 08:07

Cried for an hour at the ending to Gentleman Jack. Then realised there was still two more episodes to watch. Spent another hour crying at the real ending. What an incredible moving and funny show. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ ❀️ #gentlemanjack

Two women in 19th century clothes, holding each other intimately.