Things I've replied to.

2019.08.15, 18:02

Loving this! 🌈

2019.06.27, 18:37

One day I'll write a talk that is actually helpful and not just cheap therapy for me.

2019.06.26, 09:05

So looking forward to being in Brighton for #patternsday. The temperature will be in the low twenties. What absolute BLISS that will be. ♥️❄️

2019.06.20, 16:22

For the readers of this on twitter that "winks at..." must look strange. 😂

2019.06.20, 16:17

And something fucky went on, as it insisted that I'D REPORTED MYSELF. I changed my passwords ASAP.

2019.06.18, 13:17

I am so very happy that you found such a wonderful new venue! 🎉

2019.06.06, 07:48

I was not aware of her work! Thank you for the lovely poem and letting me know about Amy!

2019.06.05, 16:18

Oh wait, no, I thought this was CSS Regions. Got a bit excited there. 😅

2019.05.31, 11:49

If you care about the web then start using a browser not based on Blink. Google won't come around to your house and beat you, I promise. #cssconfeu

2019.05.24, 16:08

Only in that it smells fresh and lovely!

2019.05.14, 11:30

Thank you Tatiana. Proper appreciate it. ♥️

2019.05.14, 07:59

I've always used the analogy of security when talking to tech people about #A11y: you can make something more secure, but will probably never make something 100% secure. Similarly with a11y.

2019.05.12, 16:49

@adactio I don't think I did this before.

2019.05.12, 16:48

pjs dh skdh ksdj dslkjf sldfjk sl

2019.05.12, 16:37

Your stuff was great! I've just copied all of it to my own site, so that I now have replies, likes, and quotes via bookmarklets!

2019.05.11, 15:01

But you learned that Safari is amazing for battery consumption.

2019.05.04, 11:20

I love your drawings in this comic. Please draw more! ❤️

2019.03.22, 16:08

Hope you don't mind, but I've used your excellent letter as the basis of one to send to my own (very distant) MP.

2019.03.09, 00:23

Thank you Andy! That really means a lot.

2019.03.08, 22:26

You are very lovely and kind Hugo. ❤️

2019.02.28, 19:16

Oh I wish I could be there for this! Stupid Brexit. 😭

2019.02.26, 09:40

OMG, I love this! 😂

2019.02.26, 09:34

❤️❤️❤️! Will be so glad to see you there!